Where Security Meets Travel Education

Where Security Meets Travel Education

Where Security Meets Travel EducationWhere Security Meets Travel EducationWhere Security Meets Travel Education

Program Breakdown

Travel Safety


Whether studying abroad, relocating, traveling for business, or simply wander-lusting the world, being educated about the nuances of your destination(s) can not only enhance your experience, but in some cases, even save your life, or those travelling with you. 

Developed by International Security Specialists


The Travel Protection Program was developed by international security specialists. They know first-hand, that there are inherent risks of travelling – anywhere and everywhere. Some countries are recognized as highly dangerous as a result of any number of factors: political or religious strife, terrain, weather conditions, violent gangs / factions / militants and more. Other countries are recognized as generally being safe for travelers, but danger lurks in even the friendliest of places. For example, the uprising in Paris or the earthquakes in Japan, the fires in California or the continual tribal fighting throughout Africa. 

Being Properly Prepared

Being properly prepared and knowing what the risks are, will empower you to make rational, split-second decisions. Your life, or the lives of those travelling with you, might depend upon it.  



There's much to see here. So, take your time and look around. Our programs are not only educational but interesting as well.  Knowledge is power!  Once you understand HOW to apply situational awareness to your destination, you can start your journey without the hesitation or worry of not knowing what lies ahead. 

 Each Module is unique. 

Each Module exposes you to a different aspect of your journey. 

Once you have completed the program, you can travel knowing that you are knowledgeable not only about the culture and customs, but also possess the knowledge of where to go and what to do should any emergency arise. 

Knowledge is Power!

PROGRAM BREAKDOWN - Modules Covered in Every Program

1. Introduction to Class Materials


 Introduction to Class Material. Why should you take this course? Knowledge is Power!  

2. Taking Safety for Granted


 The scary truth is that a RISK of DISASTER is a lot higher than we likely realize. Covers natural & man-made disasters & what to do in each situation.

3. Contingency Plans


 Planning for a crisis or emergency situations is one extra measure for a safe & successful time abroad.  Checklists, Maps, 42 Hour Kit.

4. Communications


Dealing with international communication. Covers phone services, Sim cards, Internet, VPNs and Social Media. Learn the local laws regarding websites & social media restrictions.

5. Culture Shock


Learn how to ride the "roller-coaster" of emotions -- adjusting to a new culture. Culture Shock is common & knowing what to expect & how to handle the cycles will give you peace of mind.

6. Local Culture & Differences


Learn the values, behaviors, beliefs and attitudes of the new culture. Learn what is expected of you before you arrive.

7. Health and Hygiene Abroad


Hygiene in other countries can be vastly different from your own. What to take with you can be a crucial element and how to procure even the simplest of items can be a challenge.

8. Etiquette - Local and Cultural


Many countries have formal (& informal)  rituals. These cross over greetings, communication, grooming, phone & even entertainment.

9. Living Quarters


What are your living arrangements? Even the most comfortable of places the living and sleeping arrangements are vastly different from your own.

10. Laws and Customs - Abroad


Did you know that even small infractions in some countries could cause you to be detained?  Avoid mishaps by learning the local laws.

11. Medical - Basic & Emergency


Medical Records, medication (many are illegal in some countries), prescriptions and how to obtain medical care.

12. Money and Valuables


This is an area that many overlook. You cannot count on credit or debit cards in many places. What you need to maneuver the money highway.

13. Religion - Norms and Laws


Whether you are religious or not, knowing the local religious customs will help. Do you know what is frowned upon or illegal: to do, say or wear?

14. Safety - Before You Travel


Have you devised a SAFE Phrase with family? Signed up for Travelers Program? Printed a list of Emergency #s? Set up foreign emergency lists?

15. Safety - After You Arrive


Do you know the Safety Protocols? The way to the nearest Embassy? Local & National Emergency #s?

16. Safety - Public Places


Do you know what to do or how to avoid public demonstrations? How to blend in & not stand out like a foreigner? How to stay secure at public venues? 

17. Transportation


Discover the modes of transportation and how to navigate each one like a pro. This module links you to maps, in dual languages.

18. Local Underground Info


Are there any local or regional "hot spots" or special "underground" places that only the locals know about?  Find out here!

19. Weather


Seasons and local weather can be a challenge for any traveler-especially when you are planning on being there awhile.

20. Ancillary Information - APPS


Having the right APPS on your phone can be a lifesaver! Learn which APPS work best in your new region.

21. Fun Facts


Now that you are an expert on everything else, let's have some fun with local Fun Facts!

22. Personal Awareness, Prevention, Evasion & Self-Protection

The Color Code of Awareness


Although safety is featured throughout the other modules, this Section is a comprehensive, stand-alone portion of the overall program. 

This is the absolute most important section of the program -- and one can incorporate it in every aspect of their life - at home and abroad. 

This section is also sold as a separate program for $300. It is included as a bonus in this program.

Topics Covered in the Safety Awareness Section

Independent Super Highway


Safety: Inherent Risks


Run, Hide, Fight


De-escalating a Situation


Staying Aware


Color Code of Safety


Social Media Safety / Cyber Stalking


Dating and Staying Safe / Stalking


Trafficking: A Real Issue - At Home and Abroad


Ways to Stay Safe